The modern wall models production plant  was constructed in 2012 in Kyiv region.

The plant’s capacity makes 140 000 sq. m. of housing per year.

The plant operates following the flow and aggregative production method. Our well-trained personnel and quality control department keep track of every operation till the full production yield from the plant.

Section of the subdivision of “Royal House” plant:
  • research and technology department;
  • engineering department
  • wall modules manufacturing workshop:
    - welding department;
    - concrete and compound department;
    - pouring shop / shop of reinforced concrete structures formation;
    - frontal shop;
  • workshop of the complete cycle of expanded polystyrene production;
  • plastic windows and double glazing production workshop;
  • architectural and decorative elements production workshop;
  • furniture workshop.

In fact, the house is built at the plant “Royal House” and is mounted in a design position at the construction site.