The company’s production composes the energy-efficient wall modules of “Royal House” trade-mark that are used for:

- Capital construction of apartment buildings up to 25 floors
- Capital construction of cottages/townhouses.
The wall module of “Royal House” trade-mark consists of:
  • 1

    Load-bearing reinforced-concrete wall panel with thickness of 160 mm, the sizes of 7.7 m x 3.12 m, produced according to DSTU БВ.2.6.-64: 2008

  • 2

    Warmth-keeping system that consists of armor-clad foam polystyrene with thickness of 160 mm

  • 3

    Metal-plastic windows of «Rehau» trade-mark Euro-Design 70 (Germany)

  • 4

    Facade decoration system, which includes decorative and architectural elements on the windows perimeter and wall ceramic tiles / continuous glazing / glass combination of clinker with waterproofing grout joints with special sealants.

  • 5

    Set of architectural elements for joining sutures, which provide a decorative and sealed vertical and horizontal joints between the panels.

Variants of facade decoration of wall modules

All wall modules are delivered to the construction site with a complete exterior design with a set of architectural decoration for vertical and horizontal joints between the panels.
Glass combined with
architectural decoration

Energy-certified products

According to the calculation the wall modules of «Royal House» trade-mark has the R-value of the outer wall construction of 3.82 sq. m*K/W (at the minimum allowable resistance value of 3 m for temperature zone of I = 3.3 m * K / W) that is divisible for 3 m of brick work.
“Royal House” trade-mark production meets the sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, because for the production of wall units we use only environmentally friendly materials:
  • dyckerhoff AGE cement (Germany),
  • brick frontal tile (Germany / Poland),
  • quick Mix frontal putties and trowel finish (Germany),
  • foam polystyrene of “Royal House” trade-mark production, volume density Р25,
  • crushed rock of Korsun-Shevchenkovsky deposit,
  • metal-plastic windows of “Rehau” trade-mark Euro-Design 70 (Germany).